The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the activities of an extensive Russian propaganda network, which included 11 people from different regions of Ukraine.

According to the SBU, in messengers and social networks, detainees spread false information about a full-scale war in Ukraine. The perpetrators took information for their publications from propaganda Internet resources of the Russian Federation.

In Kyiv region, the SBU exposed a businessman who, on his Facebook page, denied Russian armed aggression and claimed that the war in Ukraine is an ‘internal civil conflict’.

In Chernihiv region, two propagandists shared posts in support of the Kremlin’s aggressive policy and sympathized with the invaders’ losses.

In Dnipro region, four local residents called for cooperation with the occupiers and discredited the Ukrainian Defense Forces on social networks.

Another Russian agent was detained in Kharkiv region. He posted propaganda videos on Facebook and glorified Russian occupiers.

The activities of two Internet propagandists who justified the war crimes of the Russian occupiers, including the shelling of Ukrainian cities, were documented in Kirovohrad region.

In Odesa, one of the administrators of the anonymous Telegram chat, which was created to collect information about the movement of the Ukrainian military equipment in the region, was notified of suspicion.

The Security Service continues investigation into the cases.