In his interview on Thursday, Chernihiv mayor Vladyslav Atroshchenko said Russian rocket and artillery bombardments have already ‘grazed to the ground’ 60% of city infrastructure.

The city is now completely cut off from energy, and constant Russian shelling makes it impossible for repair teams to restrore it.

The residential areas are aslo hit with barrage of Russian cruise missiles and shells.

‘Some 40% of houses in residential areas have been destroyed,’ said the mayor, adding Chernihiv people are now ‘in tears’ when they see the scale of destruction their home city with 1300 years’ history  suffered.

He praised courage and resilience of Chernihiv people.

‘I am one million per cent sure that we will win. We have people who made a deliberate choice to stay despite bombardments’.

Vadym Antroshenko said Ukraine must ‘scream loudly to be heard by the world’ making it interfere to save Chernihiv from complete destruction.