The Security Service of Ukraine detained a Russian agent in Cherkasy region.

According to the SBU, the detainee collected intelligence on the location and movement of the Ukrainian military and air defense systems.

The agent is a resident of the temporarily occupied part of Kherson region, who at the beginning of the full-scale invasion supported the invaders and offered them his help in the war against Ukraine.

On the instructions of a representative of the Russian special service, the agent arrived in Cherkasy to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities.

In the territory of the region, he collected information about the location of the Defense Forces and critical infrastructure facilities. He was interested in the location of air defense systems, Ukrainian military hospitals, as well as factories, bridges and dams.

The agent transmitted the received information to the occupiers in the form of electronic geolocations with confirming photos. Russians used the intelligence to pinpoint new airstrikes.

The SBU continues investigation under the article of high treason. The man faces life imprisonment.