Russians are advancing from Popasna while their shelling continues to destroy residential areas and infrastructure sites, said Serhiy Gaydai on Telegram.

‘There is no a single hour when the enemy artillery quietens down’, he wrote, adding the fiercest attacks are now targeting Lysychansk and Vovchoyarivka, the latter also sees fierce street fighting.

The Ukrainian defenders held back the enemy offensive at Verkhokamyanka but had to retreat, but ‘not all of them managed to do so on their own’.

Despite the heavy bombardment, Ukrainian forces continue to inspect the streets in Lysychansk looking for the wounded.

At least 5 more residential buildings and 6 houses were destroyed. There are reports of damaged caused to the state border office and the local bus station premises.

The Russian shelling also targeted two Orthodox Church sites.

According to the governor, the Russian troops are now trying to block the city on the south trying to ‘destroy everyting within the range of their artillery and multiple launch rocket systems’.