The Russian onslaught destroyed to rubble once thriving Mariupol and took lives of more than 23 thousand city residents. ‘Bukvy’ continues to collect and tell the harrowing stories that bring to light the war crimes of the Russian army.


Andrii Pampukha (October 25, 1997 – March 13, 2022) died together with his mother Svitlana in an air strike.


Andrii was 25. According to a friend, he always smiled, had a decent upbringing. The guy was a sailor and lived by the sea. He died with his mother when they were cooking on the open fire in the yard. It is not known where he was buried.


Andrii Belov (January 9, 1968 – April 7, 2022), Inna Belova (December 1, 1965 – April 7, 2022)


They burned alive in the basement of a nine-story building at 16 Novorosiiska street. They were buried in the cemetery together.

‘They were wonderful parents, the best grandparents. We miss them so much. They are forever in our hearts’, said the Belovs’ daughter.


Hanna Latysheva (June 28, 1996 – March 7, 2022), Serhii Latyshev (August 17, 1997 – March 7, 2022), Milana Latysheva (June 5, 2021 – March 7, 2022)


The Latyshev family died under the rubble of their own house in Zelinskoho street.

‘My elder sister, her husband and their child. I cannot not put into words our sorrow. We remember and love them very much’, said the sister of the deceased Hanna.


Klavdia Baranova (March 12, 1928 – March 16, 2022)


In 2022, Klavdia witnessed the second war in her life. She died in her apartment at 100 Myra Street. She suffocated with carbon monoxide due to a fire in the house.

In the end of April, her body was taken by the so-called DNR emergency service. The relatives still do not know whether she was buried.

‘They said to come to them in a week. When we came to them, they said they did not know where her body was and that her documents were lost. Still, no matter how many times we go to them, they do not give any information about her…’-says her great-granddaughter Anastasia.


Liudmyla Samulevych (1965 – May 7, 2022)


Ludmila was a famous animal rights activist in Mariupol. She loved and rescued dogs. She had 7 dogs.

In the last days of her life, the woman did not get out of bed, the neighbor talked to her through the door.

‘She saved the dogs but did not manage to save herself. We do not know why and how she died. We do not know where she was buried either’, Liudmyla’s friend said.


Viktor Piankovskyi (December 7, 1986 – March 29, 2022)


The man was killed by a sniper on March 29. Since the beginning of war, Viktor helped friends and neighbors to get water, firewood, food. He died in two hours after the sniper shot him.

‘If he had got medical help he could have been saved’ said his relatives.