With plenty of Russian soldiers proclaimed missing in Ukraine, Moscow is trying to avoid payments of benefits to the families of those killed in Ukraine, said Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznkov, commenting the alleged  Russian losses in Ukraine’s war.

The Ukrainian defense minister argued Russia lost at least 30 thousand of its troops while 90 thousand more left the battlefield wounded.

While Russia tries to cling to land passage to Crimea and keeps blocking Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea, let alone its missile assaults coming from Belarus, Ukraine still manages to hold out on all the fronts, added Reznkov.

‘We are defending our lands, defending the European continent. Let’s just defeat the enemy.’

The situation got to the point that it is ‘too late’ for Vladimir Putin to ‘save face’ after ‘atrocities and  crimes in Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin, Mariupol’, said Reznikov.