The Security Service of Ukraine detained two Russian agents who were preparing missile strikes on railway hubs and energy facilities in Odesa and Kherson.

According to the Ukrainian law enforcemnt, the FSB agents collected intelligence on the location and movement of units of the Armed Forces in the south of Ukraine. They gave Russians the locations of critical infrastructure in Odesa and Kherson, in particular the coordinates of local railway facilities and energy-generating enterprises.

Russian military intended to use the information to prepare and carry out a series of targeted missile strikes on Ukrainian cities. Both agents were exposed and detained when trying to pass the intelligence information to the invaders. One of the spies was detained near the central railway station in Kherson, the other in Odesa after taking photos of a military facility.

The agents were recruited after the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Both criminals were in constant intelligence contact with a staff member of the FSB administration in Rostov region. From him, they received tasks to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the south of Ukraine.

A specially created anonymous Telegram channel was used for transmitting information and communication.

With the ongoing investigation into the case of high treason, the agents face up to 15 years of imprisonment.