As previously reported, the dismissed deputy interior minister Gogilashvili and his wife Maria Levchenko had state bodyguards from the special unit ‘Alpha’ of the Security Service of Ukraine.

‘Bukvy’ addressed the SBU with the information request whether Gogilashvili and his family members were indeed granted state protection.

The SBU official response explains that ‘According to the law of Ukraine ‘On State protection of public authorities and officials’, the body providing state protection is the Department of State Protection of Ukraine, which, if necessary, may involve employees of other state bodies, including the Security Service of Ukraine, to implement measures for state protection’.

They added that the information about persons granted state protection is classified, thus not refuting the provision of state protection to the family of Gogilashvili.


‘Bukvy’ have addressed the President’s office and the Department of State Protection with the information request whether Gogilashvili or his family members were granted state protection.

Oleskandr Gogilashvili came under scrutiny after videos showing him berate and curse at police officers in Donetsk region.

He is also reportedly sharing a mansion near Kyiv with Ukraine’s intelligence chief.