Luhansk region governor Serhii Haidai reports that on March 21, Russian troops continued destruction of Ukrainian cities.

Russian shelling caused 14 fires in the region. The situation is extremely difficult in Rubizhne where rescue teams and medical personnel could not provide necessary help due to the constant Russian strikes.

‘When Russians did not succeed in the blitzkrieg in Rubizhne, they began to do what they usually do – to destroy the city: to ruin houses, schools, hospitals. We are providing help to the wounded and trying to evacuate those who want to’, Haidai said.

In Severodonetsk, the invaders purposefully hit food warehouses trying to cause lack of food.

‘About 25 objects have been damaged, including 2 apartment blocks and 16 private houses, a children’s hospital in Severodonetsk, a school in Rubizhne, food warehouses and other infrastructure facilities’, the governor stated.