Arsen Avakov who retired from his post in September criticized National Security and Defense Council that keeps rubberstamping disputable sanctions failing to address strategic issues it was set up for.

Sanctions were ‘hyped up’ and it was unacceptable, said the former minister, adding it was one of the main reasons that prompted his departure from the cabinet.

In an interview for  Ukraina 24, the former minister revealed some details about how sanctions are introduced under Zelensky-led security council.

The members of state security council were given virtually no time to study sanctioning lists and insufficient evidence as documents were handed out ‘5 minutes’ before a council meeting started, argued Avakov, calling it a ‘simplistic’ approach and a ‘gigantic problem’.

He also called into question legal grounds for imposing sanctions against Ukrainian citizens.

‘There was discussion in the first or second meeting of the council… Several people spoke [against it]. But it got no support’.

The biggest concern for Avakov is lack of ‘balance’ since given the tight grip Zelensky has over the council decisions.