The Security Service of Ukraine detained 6 Russian agents who were spreading disinformation and Russian narratives about the war in Ukraine in messengers and banned social networks. One of them called for the genocide of Ukrainians and strikes with ‘Satan’ missiles on Western countries.

As reported by the SBU, the agents took most of the destructive content from Internet resources of the Russian Federation.

In particular, a 37-year-old collaborator was exposed in Kyiv. On the Russian social network ‘Vkontakte’, he called for mass murders of Ukrainians. He also campaigned for the use of ‘Satan’ intercontinental ballistic missiles against Western partners of Ukraine.

In Odesa region, the security exposed a woman who administered several pro-Kremlin Telegram channels. In her posts, she called for the shelling of Ukrainian cities and spread fakes.

In Mykolaiv region, the SBU declared suspicion to the wife of the Moscow patriarchate priest. In correspondence with the residents of the community, the woman approved of the war crimes of the Russian occupiers, and reposted anti-Ukrainian materials from the Russian media.

In Kharkiv, SBU cyber specialists documented the criminal activities of a city resident, who called for cooperation with the Russian occupation administrations in the captured areas in the east of Ukraine.

In Cherkasy region, the security service exposed two local residents who glorified Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine continues investigations into all cases.