Ukraine responded to Russia’s complaint about slogans ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and ‘Glory to heroes’ and a map of Ukraine that included Crimea woven into Ukraine’s national football team shirts.

Previously, Russian officials and president expressed their dissatisfaction with these newly designed shirts and demanded the removal of the slogans.

UEFA claimed the slogan ‘Glory to heroes’ must be removed from Ukrainian football uniform.

The president of UAF Andrii Pavelko went to Rome to discuss the issue with the UEFA officials.

Pavelko wrote on his Facebook page, ‘I am convinced that the influence of those who do not like the integrity and patriotism of the Ukrainian sports nation has been split […]. And whatever the circumstances, the mottos ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and ‘Glory to Heroes’ cannot disappear, because there is no such force that can erase these words from the minds of the Ukrainians or overshadow their extraordinary energy.’