Space Museum

The Church of Saint Paraskeva, which now houses the space museum, was built in 1891 in the village of Vyunishche.



The museum was founded on March 27, 1979 on the initiative of Mykhailo Sikorsky, Oleksandr Ishlinskyi and Serhii Malashenko.



The museum yard features a sculpture of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, one of the founders of rocketry and astronautics.

Astronauts Georgy Beregovy and Leonid Kadenyuk handed over some exhibits to the museum.


The museum exhibition features more than 450 items, including a full size model of a satellite, a two-chamber liquid engine RD-219, a model of a two-stage meteorological rocket “M-130”, a model of the automatic station “Venus-7”, a model of a mobile lunar laboratory “Lunokhod-1”, automatic ionosphere laboratory “Yantar-1” and many other interesting exhibits.


The museum is only 80 km from Kyiv and is easy to get to, heading the highway to Boryspil and then to Cherkasy.