Chief prosecutor Iryna Venediktova said a bomb that hit an apartment block in Kyiv and caused fire will be qualified as a terror act.

The bombing left several civilians injured.

Meanwhile,  Vinnytsya prosecutors are investigating a drone attack on control point at military air base  in Kalynivka that left 3 people injured. The attack  was also qualified as a terror act.

The situation looks dire near Kyiv as prosecutors recorded 12 incidents of sabotage.

Venediktova also gave credit to work of Kharkiv prosecutors who actively work filing and collecting evidence of Russia’s aggressive war.

According to chief prosecutor,  the Russian strikes and attacks on Kharkiv took lives of 7 civilians, one of those was a 14-year-old young person.

In Chenrihiv region Ukrainian law-enforcement detained a deputy platoon leader of Russia’s motorized rifle brigade who confessed his unit was ordered to invade Ukraine, said Venediktova.

Ukraine’s patrol police captured several separatists near Shchastya and two Russian servicemen in Kherson, and the investigation into their action is ongoing. Prosecutors also faced conformation with Russian servicemen near Hostomel while filming evidence of their aggression.

Venediktova stressed state prosecution professionals still continue  their  work  while many of their fellow workers are now employed in operations fending off Russia’s offensive.

All country is working for the sake of peace, law, and common sense, said Veneditkova.