In his comment for the Ukraine’s telemarathon on Thursday, state security council secretary Oleksandr Danylov spoke about what happened to Ukrainian soldiers who were seized by Russians in Mariupol.

Danylov said most of them are reportedly kept in occupied Donetsk region, adding the number of captured Ukrainians is more than 200 soldiers.

‘I stress it once again, it is not 100 or 200 troops, it is way more. And this is why we can’t say that all of them are kept there. We know for sure that the most of them if not all are on the territory of Donetsk region.’

As the talks about their release are still going on, said Danylov, Ukrainian officials have to be cautious in their commentary on the matter not to upset the process.

‘We will wait until those existent agreements are carried out. And all the boys, all the girls, who are now in captivity, who went through Mariupol, will be able to come home, all alive and healthy,’ said Danylov.