The Supreme Court of Ukraine reacted to the statement of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor office regarding a large-scale corruption scheme.

‘Judges of the Supreme Court are shocked by these events. The Supreme Court emphasizes that a full objective investigation of all circumstances will contribute to the speedy establishment of the truth and restoration of justice. There must be an inevitable punishment for any corruption crime’, the Court press service stated.

It is noted that the Court takes full responsibility for the events taking place in connection with the ‘alleged corrupt actions of its individual representatives’.

The members of the Supreme Court cooperate with the investigation, and the judges of the Supreme Court added that corruption schemes in courts of any level ‘cause irreparable damage to the reputation and trust of the Court, destroy the authority of justice’.

According to the statement, the Supreme Court will act ‘according to the principle of self-purification, taking all necessary measures’.