Lviv doctors at ‘Nezlamni’ National Center operated on 16-year-old Mykyta from Bakhmut who was wounded during Russian strikes. A fragment of a projectile was stuck a few millimeters from the aorta.

As reported by medical press service, doctors had to perform two operations. First, they removed a fragment of a projectile from the chest cavity, and later small fragments from the thigh and shoulder. The operations were performed by a team of pediatric surgeons, and cardiac surgeons were on duty in case of complications during the operation.

Mykyta was wounded on January 31 when he left home to get some water. The boy received a severe mine-explosive wound with numerous fractures of his arms and legs, as well as damage to his left lung. A three-centimeter fragment was stuck in the boy’s chest cavity.

The boy was urgently taken to Dnipro, where local doctors managed to stabilize his condition. Later, he was brought to Lviv by an evacuation train.

The boy has a long recovery process ahead. Rehabilitation specialists work with him for several hours every day. Mykyta dreams of victory and returning home.