The port city has faced the brunt of Russian aggression with most of its civilian and industrial infrastructure now being completely ruined.

Ukrainian forces are still frustrating aggressors’ attempts to seize the site of Azovstal steel plant that has been literally reduced to dust due to the relentless Russian shelling, said interior minister advisor Vadym Denysenko in an interview for Ukrainian television.

He said the destruction of the steel plant comes as a serious economic loss for the country noting that it could be part of the Russian initial plan seeking to undermine Ukraine’s economy.

‘We have to have a clear understanding that demolition of this city is a direct order from Putin, and, at the same time, one of his key warfare goals. No matter how this war will end and what will happen next, his plan is not to ‘de-militarize’ Ukraine but rather ‘de-industrialize’ it making us restore our plants in upcoming decades’.