Ukraine has a powerful army and people, and Russian troops are being destroyed and will suffer even bigger losses, said  Volodymyr Zelensky in a briefing on Friday.

The country has started mobilization and arms are handed out to all volunteers. Zelensky called on people to donate blood for wounded Ukrainian servicemen.

The National Bank and other banks have all the resources to provide defence of the state and its people.

‘We are lifting all the sanctions from Ukrainian citizens who are ready to take up arms and defend our state in Territorial Defense units,’ said Zelensky.

He also said Ukraine has cut diplomatic relations with Russia.

‘Ukraine is defending itself and will not give away its own freedom. Freedom for Ukrainians is the most precious thing.’

He compared Russia to fascist Germany who invaded other European countries unleashing the world war.

‘Russia has meanly and in self-suicidal way invaded our state,’ said Zelensky, calling on Russian people to take to streets to protest against war.

‘It is time for all those who haven’t lost conscience in Russia to come out and protest against this war. Against the war with Ukraine’.

‘Glory to Ukraine,’ said Zelensky finishing his speech.