On March 8, a Russian bomb hit the house where Margarita’s entire family was hiding. 12 relatives of the girl died immediately. Only she and her mother survived. According to psychologists, Margarita has clear signs of severe grief, she wants to become a detective in the future, and her most cherished wish is for her father to be alive again.

The interview with the girl was exclusively provided to ‘Bukvy’ by the educational and psychological camp Gen.Camp.

‘Grandmother Valya, grandmother Zoya, my brother Kyrylo, my father, my uncle, my mother, me, my godson, my cousin Ira, and Olena – my brother’s girlfriend’, Margarita told about everyone who was hiding in the house when on March 8, it was hit with a bomb.

Only the girl, her mother and her brother’s girlfriend survived – all others died under the rubble.

Margo remembers the past and says that before the war they ‘lived beautifully’; she mentions the Veselka park in Mariupol, where adults and children always walked.

March 8, when almost all of Margo’s family was killed by the bomb, the girl remembers as follows:

When I regained consciousness, I screamed, ‘Where is my mother? Where is my dad?… My grandmother could have survived, but she was not rescued’.

The girl says that bombs should not hit private houses.

‘I reacted with shock, but not crying. I was in shock for several days.’

Margo dreams of becoming a detective, to look for evidence and catch criminals.

‘I have to be happy’, the girl says. She advises other children who experienced the grief of the war to continue living, to find a hobby, to remain calm and non-aggressive.

Margo admits that her deepest and biggest dream is to see her dad again and talk to him at least a little. The child even now communicates with the father through the window, hoping that he hears her.

Margarita is one of the participants of the educational and psychological camp Gen.Camp. It works for children who suffered from Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, became orphans or semi-orphans.

To get help and become a participant of the camp, one needs to fill out the form on the website https://genukrainian.com.ua and go through an interview with the project coordinator.

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