Due to the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant by the Russian invaders, the situation is worsening every day, Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine said in a statement Friday.

Russian occupiers almost completely degraded the system of emergency readiness and response at the ZNPP.

The situation at the site of the Zaporizhzhia NPP is worsening every day as Russian occupiers are causing direct damage to the nuclear safety and security of the plant.

During an online meeting with international partners, Oleh Korikov, he head of Ukraine’s nuclear regulator, emphasized that in order to restore nuclear and radiation safety, it is necessary to immediately withdraw the Russian military and Russian personnel, in accordance with the resolutions of the IAEA.

International partners were informed that Russian aggressors continue to exert intense pressure on the personnel of the ZNPP, resort to intimidation, search the private residences of the employees, prohibit contact with persons who are in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government, and prohibit leaving the occupied territory.

In addition, representatives of Rosatom, who illegally stay at the ZNPP, recruit personnel who do not have the appropriate qualifications.

Oleh Korikov stressed that restoration of nuclear safety and security systems at the ZNPP is possible only under the condition of complete de-occupation and demilitarization of the plant.