‘The voice of the Army? I saw him only at tree stamps at Yanukovych’s residence’ –State security council secretary slams incompetent assesments  of Zelensky’s aide

In his recent interview for Liga.Net., Ukraine’s security council chief, Oleksiy Danylov, threw shade on Zelensky’s top aide  Mykhaylo Podolyak over his latest public statements over military equipment shortages  Ukraine’s army is grappling with amid the Russian onslaught.

Earlier this week. Podolyak lamented over allegedly insufficient military supplies Ukraine was getting from the West arguing the Ukrainian army needs at least 1,000 155-mm mortars, 300 multiple rocket launch systems and 500 tanks.

Danylov took a swipe at the presidential advisor’s claiming that Podolyak has no competence to make such judgments.

‘I don’t understand why he is making such statements. Is he the General Staff representative? I saw him only on the tree stamps at Yanukovych’s residence. I don’t understand why he acts now as the ‘voice’ of the Army. Such things can be voiced by Zaluzhnyi, Shaptala, and the defense minister,’ said Danylov.

The ‘tree stamps at Yanukovych residence’ part was a reference to the infamous 2011 interview of then Ukrainian president’s interview of Victor Yanukovych – Podolyak, who was a chief editor of Obozrevatel news outlet at the time, was among the few elected journalists invited to that publicized event.