Electricity consumption gradually increases, which is typical for the beginning of the working week. However, there is no capacity deficit in the system and it is not currently expected.

Ukrenergo national operator informs that all types of power plants are operation. Due to favorable weather conditions and the gradual increase in daylight hours, the work of power plants from renewable energy sources, the capacities of which operate mainly during daylight hours, has increased. The import of electricity is insignificant and approaching zero values because of the stabilization of electricity supply in the country.

The company did not introduce consumption limits but outages are possible in case of the sharp growth in consumption.

Ukrenergo continues repair work in Odesa region, which suffered the most during the latest Russian missile attacks.

The company also reminded that several power plants, including Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, are situated in the temporarily occupied territories and currently do not produce electricity for the country.