Russian troops ‘are totally eliminating’ residents of Luhank regions trying to ‘cut’ a passage to Donetsk region, said Serhiy Gaidai on Tuesday.

The barrage of  rocket strikes in Lysychank saw the death toll climb on Monday after  least 8 people including a child were killed in a Russian rocket attack on a crowd of locals who were replenishing their water supplies.  It was reported that 21 more people sustained wounds of various severity.

Two more civilians were killed over the weekend.

The Russian offensive has intensified east of Lysychansk as they are they are tryting to wrest control over Vovchoyarivka and the local oil refinery and cut a passage to Donetsk region.

According to Gaidai, the aggressors continue to wreck the city infrastructure.

The governor said that three pumping stations have been ‘intentionally fired on’, along with a tunnel connecting two separate parts of Novodruzhesk – a town in Lysychansk.

‘The enemy struck again  targeting the assumed crowd of people and opening the fire on the territory of a local market. The total elimination of Luhansk residents is being carried out by Russians,’ wrote the governor.

He also admitted the mounting destruction makes it hard to even keep track of all the destroyed buildings and houses in the area.