Two Russian spies were exposed in the recently liberated Kherson.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, one of the agents was a local resident. The man was involved in the performance of operational and combat tasks on the southern front by the servicemen of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the temporary occupation of the city, he collaborated with the Russian military. The man offered them his help in the war against Ukraine. In particular, on June 27, 2022, he betrayed to the FSB the address of the safe house of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces in Kherson.

The collaborator also betrayed the location of the Special Forces group.

Another Russian spy is a former Ukrainian military who was taken captive in June 2022. He provided the enemy with the information about the deployment and combat tasks of his unit.

The SBU launched investigation into the cases and declared suspicion in high treason.