According to the results of the ‘February Donation’ fundraising campaign, which was launched by the National Bank with the support of Privatbank and the United24 platform, Ukrainians collected UAH 11.8 million for ‘Chaklun’ reconnaissance drones.

The campaign lasted from February 24 to March 5.

‘Chaklun’ is an easy-to-use, Ukrainian-made reconnaissance drone suitable for manual launch and repair in the field. Each complex includes five drones that can stay in the air for 60 minutes and fly at a distance of up to 100 kilometers.

The press service of the bank said that on March 9, 24 exclusive commemorative coins and collectible banknotes of the National Bank of Ukraine with the signatures of the heads of the state and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be raffled off live on the YouTube channel of the NBU among the campaign participants.