On March 31, 2022, the town of Bucha in Kyiv region was liberated from Russian invaders.

Bucha became the symbol of Russian war crimes. During 33 days of occupation, Russians killed more than 1,400 civilian residents, including 37 children.

‘Bucha and Bucha district. 33 days of occupation. More than 1,400 deaths, including 37 children. More than 175 people were found in mass graves and torture chambers. 9,000 Russian war crimes. 365 days since it is a free Ukrainian сity once again. A symbol of the atrocities of the occupying country’s army. We will never forgive. We will punish every perpetrator’, president Zelensky wrote on Facebook.

The president stressed that Ukrainians will never forget the victims of this war and Russian murderers will be brought to justice.

President Zelensky and the heads of Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Moldova honored the memory of those killed in Bucha.