Ukraine has launched ‘Bring Back Kids UA’ project to unite the world for the return home children illegally deported by Russia from the temporarily occupied territories.

‘Abduction of Ukrainian children by Russians. These things are difficult to imagine for any inhabitant of the civilized world. The fact is that in the 21st century, genocide is taking place in Europe, where the Russians are doing everything to destroy the Ukrainian people’, said Daria Zarivna, the representative of the President’s office.

Daria Zarivna spoke at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023. This is a platform that brought together influential people, leaders of countries, democratic institutions to discuss the situation in Ukraine and around the world.

During the speech, the official talked about how the Russians kidnap Ukrainian children, forcibly take them from the temporarily occupied territories, as well as about the launch of the new Bring Back Kids UA project.

‘According to our data, about 20,000 children were illegally taken to Russia. Although the number of such crimes can be much higher and reach more than 100 thousand’, she stated.

There are five main scenarios according to which the Russians act: children are taken from orphanages; parents are killed; Russians separate families during filtration; make the living conditions of children in the occupied territories intolerable; children are literally kidnapped from the places where they live or study.