Ukraine steps in with ’emergency’ gas supplies for Moldova  to keep its gas grip operator up and running.

The measure comes amid reports of the enegry crisis in the neigboring country  as Chisinau  faces criticial energy shortages due to stalled talks with Moscow over new gas deal.

Ukraine has provided 15 million cubic meters of gas as a ‘temporary loan’  to stabilize the pressure in Moldova’s gas system until the country makes additional gas purchases, said Ukraine’s state gas grid operator in a statement on Thursday.

Serhii Makohon, the CEO of Ukraine’s gas operator stressed  ‘this is the way friends and partners act’.

‘I remember very well when, in March 2018, Gazprom announced its refusal to supply gas [to Ukraine] despite receiving a prepayment from Ukraine. Moldova is experiencing an almost similar situation. This is an example of the use of gas as a hybrid weapon’, he explained.

Makohon said Europe must respond to Gazprom’s ‘aggressive behavior that is impacting energy sector of  the EU and Moldova.