The head of aviation of Ukraine’s Air Force Command Brigadier General Serhii Holubtsov stated that Ukraine needs modern multi-purpose aircraft capable of performing a wider range of tasks than the old Soviet equipment that is still in service.

According to the defense ministry press service, it is not about a specific type of fighters, but rather about technical characteristics that will allow performing a wide range of tasks.

‘We have all resources to store and protect our aircraft; we are getting more and more Western air defense systems, in particular for the protection of airfield infrastructure’, Holubtsov said.

‘He also added that Ukrainian pilots ‘masterfully use morally and physically obsolete Soviet aircraft, squeeze the maximum possible out of that equipment’. According to the General, two Ukrainian pilots recently underwent testing in the United States so that the allies could understand how quickly Ukrainian pilots can master modern combat aircraft, including the F-16.

In addition, Holubtsov noted that the faster Ukraine gets modern multi-purpose aircraft, the faster it will win this war.