‘Residents of temporarily occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk’ in place of ‘the people of Donbas’, and taboo on phrases like ‘Kyiv authorities’ and ‘Kyiv junta’.

Ukraine’s state security council officials turn lexicographers to put together a ‘wordbook of Russian propaganda’.

Officials said their initiative aims  to discourage people from use of words and phrases routinely employed by Russian media, which helps Moscow ‘legitimize pseudo states in eastern Ukraine and  annexation  of Crimea’.

The lexicon compiled in partnership with Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences now features 63 words and phrases; each entry of it comes with several neutral equivalents that are recommended for general use to avoid Russia-imposed rhetoric.

The same principle, according to its authors,  should be applied to several international geographical names – Belarus and Russia-occupied Georgian Abkhazia instead of ‘Belarussia’ and ‘Abkhazia’.

The state security council sees it as reference book for state offices, diplomatic mission, media outlets and civic groups.