Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted to the statement of Georgia’s PM.

The spokesperson of the foreign ministry Oleh Nikolenko noted that over the past few days, the Prime Minister and the leadership of the Georgian parliament had made a number of unfriendly statements towards Ukraine.

On March 12, Georgian Prime Minister Iraklii Garibashvili called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky not to interfere in the political situation in Georgia after the wave of protests that took place in the country last week.

He once again repeated the ruling party’s narrative that Ukrainian politicians seek to drag Georgia into the war.

Nikolenko stated that the representatives of the Georgian authorities follow the Russian propaganda, accusing Ukraine of preparing a coup d’état in Georgia, drawing it into a war with Russia, and sending forces to incite a civil war.

‘We strongly reject such insinuations, which have nothing to do with reality. The Georgian authorities are looking for an enemy in the wrong place’, Nikolenko said.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the statements of Georgian politicians will not be able to shake the strong friendship between the people of Georgia and Ukraine.