Starting July 16, Kyiv residents can sign up for Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine

Kyiv Health Care Deparment head Valentyna Ginzburg informed that people over 60 can now register online for an appointment to get a Pfizer vaccine at Kyiv vaccination centers. Now it is made available along with Sinovac’s  CoronaVac.

The top Kyiv health official called on Kyiv residents to share the news with their elder family members and relatives who may ‘not be friends with gadgets’ failing to know of such inoculation options.

‘It would be great if You sign up for vaccination yourselves – meaning you would not only accompany to a vaccination centre your close relative but get immunity from Covid-19 yourselves. Please, take note that people under 60 are inoculated with CoronaVac’, stressed the health official.

Valentyna Ginzburg reminded Kyivans of online registration benefits that spares time and trouble and speeds up work of vaccination centres.

‘As soon as  the [electronic registration] system was introduced, we saw the effect. A chance to inoculate wider number of locals.  The [Ukrainian] capital tops the list of vaccination rate among the regions. Let me remind you that the day before we reached the milestone of 500,000 vaccinations since the vaccination campaign start’, added top Kyiv health official.