Back in 2019, Herman Halushchenko took ‘Kyivoblgaz’ gas supplier to court claiming his  gas bills were too high due to inaccurate estimates.

His assets declaration lists property in Kyiv region, including a house with a total area of 319.7 square meters and three land plots (9.2, 18.8 and 21.1 acres) not to mention two apartments in Kyiv.

The court records revealed that Halushchenko’s gas supplier issued  a disconnect notice and sealed off his property gas meter after the then executive of Energoatom ran a debt of Energoatom eof UAH 61, 850.

Haluschenko hit back by filing the complaint alleging inaccurate billing, which was eventually brushed off by the court that ruled  ‘there were no legal reasons to put to doubt the debt report’.


Herman Halushchenko was made the energy minister in April 2021.

He was allegedly lobbied for minister position by pro-Russian politician Andriy Derkach