There has been no capacity deficit in the Ukrainian energy system for 25 days in a row. However, the country still needs additional equipment to provide stable function of the grid.

As stressed by the energy ministry, Ukraine’s energy infrastructure became the key target of the Russian invaders.

At the same time, the energy sytem demonstrated extraordinary resilience due to the synchronization with the European ENTSO-E, the heroic work of Ukrainian energy workers and the support of international partners that formed an international coalition to support Ukraine and its energy sector.

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian power system has not had a capacity deficit. However, there is still a great need for additional supplies of equipment to ensure the stable operation of the power industry.

‘It is important to have a stock of equipment for the future. Repair and reconstruction will take a long time. We have a particularly strong need for high-voltage equipment, including transformers, and other equipment’, the statement says.