Revaccination is getting the green light, said health minister Viktor Lyashko promising to sing the directive right after his weekly briefing on Monday.

The policy will follow the guidelines issued by  National immunization technical experts’ group in November.

‘We talk here about an ‘additional’ shot, not a booster one’, stressed Lyashko.

‘An ‘additional dose’ is  used for better protection of persons who face lower vaccine efficiency due to certain medical conditions compared to vaccine efficiency in general population’.

The ministry experts ealier said an ‘additional dose’ would be recommended for

  • fully vaccinated adults 60 and older
  • people traveling to countries where such booster shots are mandatory (Israel)
  • immunocompromised people

As of Monday, almost 12 and a half million Ukrainians have been fully vaccinated, said the health minister claiming that ‘by reaching this threshold, Ukraine has achieved 40% vaccination target set by WHO in 2021’.

In November, ‘Bukvy’ investigated if the government stocked up enough doses for revaccination after kraine’s health minister promised it would get underway at the start of 2022.