Covid rates have grown ‘significantly’ in Ukraine over the last few weeks with 3,893 cases reported last week alone, which is 40% higher that the week before, said health minister Victor Lyashko in a statement on social media.

Covid wards in hospitals are now 4.5% full with 1763 new patients admitted over the last week.

Regretfully, there is some uptick in Covid related death- 16 people died over August 1-7.

‘For the extended period of time, we have observed low level of diagnostics. In other words, a person comes to see a doctor when he or she need hospitalization. We document many cases where it is relatively safe as patients turn to doctors when they have symptoms of acute respiratory infection,’ said Lyashko.

Ukraine’s health ministry warned people need to take a Covid test once they discover having slightest respiratory infection symptoms and cut down on contacts with other people. Health officials also urged people roll up their sleeves for a jab ahead of the cold weather season when infections counts ‘traditionally’ are on the rise.