Information Service of Ukraine’s Health Ministry said  ‘it is still not clear [when Ukraine will start to issue Covid-19 certificates],  but they are coming ‘in a short time’ responding to request by ‘Bukvy’ about promised introduction of such certificates for Ukrainians.

For international travel, Ukrainians can still use the international passport of vaccination created by the WHO.

Covid-19 certificates that were earlier set to be introduced in mid-summer will have either digital and printed format with the latter to be make available in autumn. The digital format documents will be stored on Health Ministry servers and will be available through state e-service app ‘Diya’.

The Health Ministry information rerpresntative assured ‘Bukvy’ the certificate plan is still in the works though the terms of its introduction are still to be finalized.

While traveling abroad, Ukrainians are advised to find out if Covid vaccinations they got are recognized in the countries they are planning to visit and present their international certificate of vaccination at Consulates when applying for a visa.