In his interview for Ukraine’s Forbes, Servant of the People senior MP David Arakhamiya played down the sway of Ukrainian oligarchs over lawmakers, arguing that ‘Big Business is fully aware that any involvement in politics is a toxic story for them’.

While admitting the ‘cash in envelopes’ practice was rife in the parliament, Arakhamiya said this ‘systematic thing’ has waned.

‘The MP price tag is considerably down, and the attempts to influence some lawmakers did come from, let’s say, some small ‘oligarchs,’ said Arakhamia.

‘Such story happened relatively recently –  I won’t name the businessman, but it woefully felt flat for him, and it discouraged from a  wish to influence and pay [MPs]’.

Servant of the People MP failed to elaborate on the alleged bribe story. He said the incident will come as a turn-off for other businessmen and will keep them from meddling in the ‘political process’.

He also argued the lawmakers performance hasn’t been impacted after such ‘bonus’ payments were gone as the MPs have other ‘practices and motivation’ tools in use.