Faced with resurfacing allegations over his links to the Kremlin and leaking information to Belarus after the recent criticism from US congresswoman Victoria Spartz,  Zelensky’s chief of staff Andriy Yermak stated on Telegram app he is going to offer Ukrainian lawmakers to set up a commission that will attend to the issues of Western military supplies.

The matter of Western arms is a ‘priority’ for Ukraine these days as they can help turn the tide for Ukrainian military on the frontlines.

‘We need more weapons to liberate [our] territories, we will not let Russians win, and will do everything to drive them away from our land,’ wrote Yermak.

Kyiv strives to provide ‘maximal transparency’ for transfer of Western military supplies – ‘as much of it as possible in terms of martial law’, stressed Zelensky’s top aide, adding that making the process  ‘transparent’ will be the best ‘recipe’ against Russian fakes and manipulaitions.