The new law passed by the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday  will fast-track process of granting Ukrainian citizenship to foreign nationals and stateless persons who volunteered to ‘defend the Ukrainian territorial integrity’.

The legislative #5630 that won support of  285 Ukrainian lawmakers will allow an expedited process for foreigners seeking to become Ukrainian citizens if they are:

  • Russian nationals facing persecution back home
  • Foreign nationals or stateless persons who served in the Ukrainian military or took part in an anti-terror operation in Donbas
  • Foreign nationals who served in the Ukrainian army and were decorated with medals and awards
  • Foreign nationals ‘who constitute state’s interest for Ukraine’ and have contributed to security of Ukraine, fighting with terrorism in occupied Donbas
  • Foreigners who worked as military or law-enforcement instructors

To save time they will be able to renounce their former citizenship and apply for the Ukrainian passport at the same time.

The Verkhovna Rada passed the law in its first reading the law  #5630  in early November