Zelensky addressed the issue during the briefing with the prime minister of Croatia.

The president of Ukraine sounded positive saying that the USA is ‘on Ukraine’s side’ deterring Russian military aggression.

‘I think it is positive that the president of the United States spoke with the president of the Russian Federation… I believe the victory is that the United States has always supported Ukraine, our sovereignty and independence. The most important thing we see is that there is a personal real reaction and a personal role of president Biden in resolving the war in the east. I think this is the most important thing’, Ukraine’s president said.

Zelensky though stopped short of giving more details noting he would be able to say more after his phone talk with the US president that is due Thursday.

Earlier this day, the foreign minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated that the talks between US president Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin enabled ‘deterrence’ and ‘de-escalation’.

The former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko also made a statement regarding Biden-Putin virtual meeting.