Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov issued a statement on Monday saying he is taking Russia to court and will seek billions in damages over violation of  his property rights through the invasion of Ukraine.

The lawsuit has been filed by his System Capital Managment (SKM) group with the European Court of Human rights.

The statement calls Russia’s bombardment of the Azovstal steel complex in Mariupol  a ‘contempt for international law and human rights’.

Rinat Akhmetov argues Russia must be held acountable for ‘for the destruction it is wreaking across Ukraine’.

Among other things, Azovstal owner said he asked the court for ‘interim measures’, seeking a court order preventing Russia’s ‘blockading, looting, diversion and destruction of grain and steel produced by SCM’s companies.

‘Evil cannot go unpunished. Russia’s crimes against Ukraine and our people are egregious, and those guilty of them must be held liable,’ Akhmetov said in a statement. ‘I believe in justice, and I am fighting for it.’

Mr. Akhmetov is due billions of dollars from the Russian Federation for its violation of his human rights, though it is still unclear how big damages can be. In his May interiview, the Ukrainian businessman projected the damages can amount to $17-20 billions as apart from Azovstal, the Russian onslaught caused wreckage to  his  Mariuopol Illich iron and steel works, Luhanks thermal power plant,  Avidyevka coke plant, and ‘dozens of industry and green energy sites’.