Ukraine’s security agency, the SBU, has exposed 50 people in Lysychansk who allegedly provided information to the enemy via Starlink, said local governor Serhiy Gaydai on Sunday.

The operation held at several humanitarian aid offices across the city helped to identify colloaborators who used their mobile phones to spy on Ukraine’s military and share the information with Russians via Telegram app.

‘They came, took humanitarian aid, asked for help, and were provided it, and then, even not leaving the place, they betrayed Ukraine. Knowing that their actions kill and destroy,’ said the governor.

By tracking down spies, the SBU managed to distrupt channels of communication that enabled Russian forces to pinpoint their targets in the region.

Gaydai said that the campaign caused a stir on social media with warnings sent around over Ukraine’s intelligence ability to track down such collaborators as the enemy now calls on people to hold back from gathering information.

‘Rats are scared, Ukraine works! Will find every traitor!’ wrote the governor.