National Security and Defense Council secretary said they had to amend the earlier sanctioning order on finding out some people were sanctioned ‘by mistake’.


Oleksey Danylov admitted to the embarrassing mistake in his briefing Friday following the Council meeting that came earlier that day.

The order approved by the Council in May  blacklisted over 100 leaders of organized crime and contraband groups freezing their assets.

“Regrettably, the Council decision… had intentional or unintentional mistakes regarding 108 persons, which we already set right’, argued Danylov.

He said the Council took the disciplinary action against the people responsible for the information blunders – two persons were fired and two more were reduced in rank.

Danylov said the Council may reconsider its action against 9 sanctioned persons who will face a new vetting process that comes after  ‘requests from people who take care of volunteer work and our battalions’.


The council will also keep an eye on leaders of organized criminal groups.  All 17 of those are currently are serving sentences in prison, added Danylov.


The sanctioning list blunder drew criticism from opposition lawmakers.

‘European Solidarity’ MP Iryna Gerashchenko said  the state policies are turned into ‘absurdity’ when the powerful state institution publicly admits they called a person a criminal by mistake’.