Ukraine’s security service, the SBU, said on Tuesday, it snared several Ukrainian collaborators who acted as observers scouring in Lviv, Donetsk, and Kyiv to pinpoint Russian airstrikes on the military sites in Ukraine.

One of the spies was exposed in Lviv region – the man who turned out to be a former KGB operative used a secure Telegram chat system to pass the information that allegedly helped Russians to launch airstrikes on the Yavorivsk military base, which later reported 50 casualties and 150 wounded servicemen.

The man has been detained and is now facing treason charges under art.111 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

Another spy was caught snooping on  Ukraine’ front-line positions in Bakhmut, Kharkiv region. The man was reportedly recruited by Russian via Telegram app.

Ukrainian security operatives also detained a collaborator in Kyiv – the man who worked at a machine engineering plant was gathering information and making photos from the sites of airstrikes.  The collaborator was openly pro-Russian and was often heard denying Russian crimes in Ukraine.