Reports are emerging of Ukraine’s security service, the SBU, putting pressure on activists with pro-Ukrainian position and critics of the government policies, according to ‘European Solidarity’ MP Volodymyr Aryev.

The lawmaker voiced his concern over the alleged crackdown on people criticizing the government on social media citing two recent cases in Kamyanets-Podilski and Myrgorod.  The SBU local offices appear to be ‘hunting’ for ‘vocally patriotic’ activists, said Aryev, wryly noting that stamping out dissent is a ‘Russian tradition’.

Criticisms of the government on social media can get you in trouble, adds the lawmaker.

‘You don’t like what the government is doing about fuel [shortage]? You think Getmantsev [law updates] on business are idiotic?.. You consider Yermak to be anti-Ukrainian, and find Arestovych, Podolyak, Leshchenko to be manipulators and liars? They (security services) are coming for you soon.’

He warned such things will ‘make a problem’ with [Ukraine’s] joining the European Union’.

photo by Volodymyr Aryev/Facebook