The health ministry reports more than 9 thousand new COVID-19 cases and 450 fatalities with almost 3,000 people taken to hospitals and 26,804 recovered over the last day.

During the pandemic in Ukraine, 3.5 million people fell ill; 3.1 million recovered; fatalities made 89,436; 16.1 million PCR tests were performed.

As of December 8, more than 12 million people got double-jabbed with the total number of shot administered making some 25.9 million.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian government eased the quarantine restrictions Monday moving 7 regions and Kyiv to the yellow zone.

The officials, though, kept in place some red zone requirment for 100% staff vaccination in educational and cultural institutions, restaurants, gyms, etc. and proof of vaccination status for use of public transport.