Ukraine and the International Energy Agency signed a joint declaration of association, which will provide a basis for closer cooperation in the field of energy security and recovery.


Ukraine’s energy ministry informs that the ceremony took place in Warsaw with the participation of Fatih Birol, the executive director of the Agency, and Herman Halushchenko, Ukraine’s energy minister.

Fatih Birol said that Ukraine plays an important role in ensuring energy security in Europe and beyond, and the country has set ambitious goals for increasing electricity trade with Europe.

‘The IEA has been working with Ukraine for nearly two decades, and in these particularly challenging times following the full-scale Russian invasion, we continue to strengthen our relationship to support Ukraine’s significant recovery needs and help it build a new energy future. I am glad to sign a joint declaration on expanding our cooperation to achieve these goals’, the executive added.


The association will provide Ukraine with a platform for regular dialogue with the IEA, its member countries and other associated countries through participation in the meetings of the IEA’s working groups and committees, as well as in ministerial meetings. Currently, the IEA provides about 75% of the world’s energy demand and covers more than 5 billion consumers.


Herman Halushchenko noted that solidarity becomes even more important in these times of crisis. Only uniting the world can resist Russian aggression and realize the International Energy Agency’s mission of creating a safe and sustainable energy future.