Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba stated on Facebook that Ukrainian diplomats in different countries continue to receive suspicious parcels.

‘Threats to our diplomats continue to arrive. For a week now, Ukrainian embassies and consulates have been operating under high security measures, as in the photo in this post from Poland’, Dmytro Kuleba wrote.

According to him, in the last two days, suspicious packages have arrived at the embassies in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Denmark, as well as the consulate in Gdańsk. A total of 31 cases have already been recorded in 15 countries: Austria (1), Vatican City (1), Denmark (1), Spain (5), Italy (4), Kazakhstan (1), Netherlands (1), Poland (6), Portugal (2), Romania (2), USA (1), Hungary (2), France (1), Croatia (1), Czech Republic (2).

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the same address of the sender is indicated on all envelopes: the Tesla car dealership in the German town of Sindelfingen. The parcels were sent from post offices not equipped with video surveillance systems.

He also added that the campaign of terror against Ukrainian diplomats, which is currently taking place, is unprecedented in its scale, not only in the context of Ukraine, but also at the world level.